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this morning. it will become more wide spread monday morning into new years eve. new years afternoon it looks like cloudy conditions will be heading our way. the models want to bring us clouds but not much rain. new years day looks dry as well. overnight lows will remain quiet chilly. mid 50s expected for your afternoon. i will show you the very latest on that rain forecast model coming up. the icy relations between the national hockey league and players may be thaws a bit. both sides indicate they will meet again in new york today. today's talks will begin with inesof three people. including a young child. three other people including a police officer were taken to -- >> reporter: we just got an update from san jose fire spokesperson who says this is a very active scene an active investigation going on right now. this fire happened on bridge port court in san jose. the building effected is at the
8:03 am
very end of this court to the left. you can see some of the fire trucks still out here. right now investigators are going through the apartment where this fire happened. combing through some of the evidence. trying to get some information to figure out how this fire started. it broke out around 11:00 last night. three people perished in the fire. according to several neighbors we talked to this morning the people who died were two grandparents and their granddaughter. they estimate she was about five years old. now the fire started and was mostly contained to the second story apartment building where the family was living. according to the neighbors we talk to the grandparents, mother and father and several children all lived in the apartment unit together. some of the family members escaped but the grandparents and the young girl did not make it out. neighbors who rushed outside during the fire said they could tell the family was frantically trying to get help. >> the window is broken and there was an explosion. something inside. i don't know what is inside.
8:04 am
>> we knew early on that we had people missing. so a search was immediately put into progress. i don't know the details on when the victims were found. but we knew that people were missing not accounted for. >> reporter: of the family members who escaped three of them went to the hospital for smoke inhalation and so did a san jose police officer. firefighters say that police officer was one of the first to arrive at the scene and he did manage to get some of the family members out of the burning apartment building. but this has effected a lot of people. there are two apartment buildings in this complex that now have their power shut off. various units have water and smoke damage because of putting out this fire. there is a total of 60 people according to the red cross who were displaced and about half of them the red cross had to find a place for them to stay. the other half were able to come back and collect some of their belongings and able to stay go to a hotel. you're look agent the red cross
8:05 am
vehicle that is still out here. parked at the very end of this court. again, investigators are still at the scene. they are trying to figure out how this fire started. the investigation is ongoing. live in san jose allie rasmus. dozens of people in san francisco are looking for a new home after a large fire destroyed three apartment buildings and damaged a fourth. that fire started inside an apartment on 23rd street near cap street around 9:45 yesterday morning. the smoke could be seen from some of our traffic cameras in san francisco. as you can see there the fire was out of control when croups arrive add the scene. >> all units on scene did a great job. it was a tough fire. they had to get in there and fight it aggressively. >> 100 firefighters responded to the scene. one was transported to the hospital because of exhaustion. no other injuries were reported. the american red cross provided hotel accommodations for 19 people last night. s cause of the fire has not
8:06 am
been determined. dianne feinstein says she is optimistic that some type of agreement will be reached to avert the fiscal cliff. both houses of congress will reconvene today. the senate is expected to work two hours from now. while president obama wants a tax increase for those earning $250,000 there is a proposal on the table that raises that income threshold to $400,000. >> i think we need a deal. we should do a deal. if lindsey and i could sit down we will put that together. i think the leadership is now working. >> republicans hope to raise the income threshold to $400,000 and keep state taxes low. if the parties can't agree, presidt oba -- [lost audio] and parts of ohio the latest storm comes days after the region's were hit by
8:07 am
another storm which is being blamed for add least 16th deaths. the national weather service is expecting up to a foot of new storm. officials have lowered the speed limit on the pennsylvania term pike. boston's mayor announced a snow emergency in parts of the city. they worked for hours to keep the area clear. despite heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions patriot fans braved the elements. meanwhile before what was supposed to be a fun outing in southern california turned into a dramatic situation. coming up we'll show you why some ice skaters are being called heros and how they were able to help. it's the last day on the job for fremont police chief who is retiring after fighting decades of crime. he joined the police department in 1986 and became chief in
8:08 am
1992. he's been in law enforcement for 45 years. fremont police captain richard has been named interim chief and his fir day is -- first day is tomorrow. investigators are expected to release nor more information about a deadly shooting. friends and relatives of anthony banta held a vigil last night. they are struggling to understand why officers felt the need to shoot and kill him. >> i don't think he had ever been in a fight in his life. him and his brother were cocaptains on the wrestling team in high school and were role models for all their friends. >> loved ones say he may have suffered some type of mental break down. however, they add that he barely weighed 120 pounds and was a gentle person. in another police shooting in contra costa county a man wounded by officers remains in
8:09 am
critical condition this morning. 48-year-old michael christopher johnson pistol whipped his girlfriend at a gas station thursday night. they say he ignored their order to stop and even pointed his gun at her and that is when two officers say they fired their guns. police plan to seek charges including domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon. a five-year-old boy who was shot and killed outside his families truck will be honored today one year later. the gunman just ordered food and started shooting. today gabriel's family will give out free tamales as a attribute to him. free new years eve party to teenagers ended with police and pepper spray after several fights broke out. it happened at about 10:30
8:10 am
sunday night. the cell phone video shows one of fights. more than 800 teenager were at the party when the fight happened. >> the security was just standing there and watching us as we watched our chaperons breaking up people already just moving you know controlling the crowd basically. >> hotel managers have not commented on the incident. police say they arrested two people for misdemeanor disturbing the peace. good morning, to you. another enjoyable day around the bay area today. giving you a live look over oakland. mostly clear skies. we do have to get through the cold this morning. when i say cold, i'm talking 30s. some of us even falling below freezing. we've got 30s and 40s around the bay at this time. sfo reporting 43 as well as san francisco. 40 in oakland. palo alto checking in at 34- degrees. inland east bay 34 livermore. mid 30s don ford. i went ahead to the north bay this is what i'm talking about.
8:11 am
31 degrees in santa rosa. 32 in novato. 37 petaluma. we are checking in right about 33-degrees in napa. so yes, a bit nippy. patchy frost out there this morning. a little bit of fog as well. seeing fog just inside the bay. i want to back you up and show you the next system here. this is what will with approaching the coast as we get into new years eve. it will split apart. the northern edge will take a northerly trek. the part that comes our way will be sliding south right along the coastline. it will cloud us up. it will be a weak system and moisture starved at that. i think we will see a little bit of drizzle. i will show you here. sunday will be quiet and dry. it will be mostly sunny and cool once again. as we get into the new years eve we will see the best chance for a little bit of drizzle a light little sprinkle but it will move through. for your new years eve night festivities will go as planned and mainly dry. we are looking at just a few clouds overhead in time for
8:12 am
midnight and we are looking at some nice weather, chilly weather, but nice dry weather for the fire works going on at the embarcadero in san francisco. if you will see the niners play for today 52 degrees partly cloudy skies. it will be a cool one. winds generally light but again we are looking at some pretty nice weather. at least relatively speaking. it is winter after all. 51-degrees in santa rosa. 52 san rafael. low 50s oakland, hayward. inland east bay. 54 livermore. 53 for santa cruz. your extended forecast another chilly start tomorrow perhaps even colder we'll remain in the upper 20s to low 30s. and as we get into the afternoon mid 50s will be common place. temperatures will budge very little. models want to bring the next possibility of rain by wednesday night into thursday morning. if you're traveling to the sierra for your holiday, i'll have a look at that forecast for you coming up. a bay area oyster company
8:13 am
is getting help in its fight against the federal government. the national park service ordered drakes bay oyster company in marin county to close after its long-term lease expired. but drakes bay is fighting that decision in court and according to the marin independent journal the virginia based farm to consumer legal defense fund says it will oversee a fund used to financeth lawsuit. recalling the shooting that killed 20 first graders on the east coast. how president obama is responding to the tragedy today and pledge to give violent guns off america's streets. an extra boost to help with gun buy backs. the money being offered to help get violent guns off the street. in five hours the kickoff all you niner fans out there. that is how your ride is looking right now. kickoff just about five hours away. hey, look! a shooting star!
8:14 am
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good morning, to you. giving you a shocker. what a gorgeous start over l.a. yet this morning. it's a frosty start though. some of the coldest spots have hit freezing. an ice sledder fell into the water and several nearby ice skaters tried to help but one by one they slipped and fell in the water as well. after five minutes nearly a
8:17 am
dozen would be rescuers ended up in the frigid lake. witnesses describe the scene as chaotic as witnesses tossed intertubes but that did not work. everyone that fell in the water was able to make it out a little cold but unharmed. al qaeda announced it's offering to pay $160,000 to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador or american soldier in that company. the announcement was made by a recording. as many as 100,000 people could end up dying in the next year if nothing is done to solve the country's civil wars. fighting has been gong going on in than that country for 21 months. 50 u.s. troops have been deployed in the central african republic. rebels have seized at least ten northern towns and they are said to be about 100 miles from the capitol city. it also comes after the
8:18 am
criticism of the administration handling of the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. president obama calls the newtown connecticut school shooting the worst day of his presidency. >> i a skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools. and i think the vast majority of the american people are skeptical that somehow will solve our problem. >> appearing on nbc meet the press this morning, he pledged to put his full weight behind legislation next year aimed at containing gun violence while he is skeptical about placing armed guards at schools he vowed to rally americans around an agenda that would limit gun violence. he supports increased background checks and bans on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. donations have been pouring in for a gun buy back program. $15,000 has been raised to pay for the event which will happen on january 15th. organizers plan to offer $200
8:19 am
for automatic weapons and rifles and $100 for all other firearms. they also want people to turn in violent video games but no money will be given in exchange. after the colorado movie theater and connecticut school shooting some educators in colorado are taking firearm training. about a half dozen teachers took a one-day course at a snowy field outside of denver. some had never even held a gun. >> i'm not saying that is the reason why i was out here, but it's definitely becoming more and more reality as to what this type of training might be able to provide. basic lessons focused on proper shooting fundamentals and gun handling. police continue to investigate the discovery of a body found in the oaklandest too area. the body was discovered in the
8:20 am
estuary in jack london square. the victim is described as a white man in his 60s. homicide detectives were on scene but police are still trying to figure out if the man was a victim of foul play. 5,000 reward is being offered by a man that went missing. police say 23-year-old anthony donaldson went missing after he ran from police on christmas eve to avoid a sobriety test. they saw him jump over the fence and into a creek but after hours of searching they couldn't find him. a sacramento man gets clubbed with a tire iron inside a convenience store. you can see the man in the video there he is in the dark color shirt. he stopped to get gas on friday and the robber in that red hooded sweatshirt chased him into the ampm store hitting him several times. the victim suffered a cut over
8:21 am
his right ear. >> telling him this is wrong. you will really hurt him. you can't be telling this stuff here. i tried to back him out. he hit him again. >> the robber eventually escaped but not before smashing windows of the victims car. police say they believe he followed the victim from the bank. state medical board is asking for the publics help to find doctors that are recklessly describing certain medications. the california board wants people to contact if a family member has died of a drug overdose and suspected that physician misconduct involving prescriptions might have contributed to the death. reports by the los angeles times have documented a connection between doctors and overdoses involving objection city cotton and vicodin and other narcotics. we have a recall to tell you about involving 30,000 motorcycle helmets. they are recalling large, extra large, and double extra large
8:22 am
helmets. the company says they plan to fix the design immediately. in case you have a package to mail, the post office will be open on new years eve. most will shorten retail lobby hours and close at noon. regular mail delivery will not be delivered. only express mail will be delivered that day. expect major traffic delaws as you head up the sierra. while we slept frigid temperatures slipped into the bay area. coming up how cold it is outside your door right now and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
if you are grabbing a cup of coffee you have to check this out. who says you can't snow board and still be in diapers. this toddler has been on the slopes building his skills. he's only 18 months old. he's just a little too young for the olympics in 2014. his family is most lick lie pretty proud of him already. >> that is awesome. snow boarding with a pacifier. if you are getting readty to head up to tahoe to ring in the new year, you may want to leave now. travel time will double today and tomorrow. that is a long ride when it's about three hours already. it was bumper to bumper traffic yesterday on highway 50. cal trans is also warning people about the expected traffic jams for that return
8:26 am
trip back to the bay area. how about spending it in disney land? disney land is getting ready for the new years 'celebrations. they plan to ring in the new year in an interactive way by using special mickey mouse hats. the ears will light up on the hats on their own at midnight and the special fire works show will begin. here in the bay area we have you celebrate on new years eve various public transportation agencies are doing what they can to help you get home safely. bart will run until 3:00 a.m.. and for those taking muni your trips are free from 8:00 p.m. on new years eve until 6:00 a.m. on january 1st. after midnight samtrans will also be free. >> make sure you have a safe ride home on new years eve. 8:25 how will the weather be looking when we ring in the new
8:27 am
year. will it be a little warmer? maybe not warmer but it will be dry. >> dry is good. >> dry is definitely good if you will be out celebrating. and maybe close enough to walk home. morning snow showers at this hour and continuing until 10:00. no advisories in place but carry those chains. you know how it is when you get into the winter months and up over the sierra. the morning showers will taper off to dry conditions. it will be dry monday and tuesday over tahoe. chilly, chilly afternoons and take a look at the overnight lows. sinking back to about eight degrees tomorrow morning. that will make your bones ache. here at home we are off to a cool start as well. a little bit of patchy fog. a little bit of frost. low 30s even falling below freezing. north bay 10-15 degrees colder than we were 24 hours ago. we'll be parking lotly cloudy and cool once again. afternoon highs very similar to what we saw yesterday. for tomorrow morning the big chill will be back with us.
8:28 am
even a little cooler in some areas. the morning frost will give way to partly cloudy skies. turning mostly cloudy by the afternoon. new years eve evening looks pretty good. cold conditions. dry on new years day. next chance for rain some real rain wednesday night into thursday morning. back to you. new information in the deadly home invasion. how police were able to track down three more suspects. >> these four guys going in there to try to help. something like this happens. it's just hard to take. >> plus a community still outraged as they get ready to remember two firefighters that were shot and killed by simply trying to save lives. well, well, well.
8:29 am
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i saw all the big flames coming out of the big window. a lot of smoke. >> dozens of people in san jose were forced from their homes after fire ripped through an apartment building overnight. but for some help didn't come soon enough. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm -- and i'm mike mibach. an apartment caught fire near interstate 280. allie rasmus is live for us there where it remain answer active scene. >> reporter: that is right. nearly ten hours after this fire happened there are still fire trucks and emergency vehicles parked at the end of this court temperature this is bridge port court. the building that caught fire is at the very end to the left and it's orb subbed the view is blocked where we are standing because of all the emergency vehicles. this fire claimed the lives of three family members including a small child. according to several family
8:32 am
members the victims were two grandparents and granddaughter. this fire started around 11:00 last night and neighbors tell us the grandparents, mother, and father, and several other children all lived in the apartment unit together. some of the family members escaped. three had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation and according to fire spokesperson they are still in the hospital this morning. a san jose police officer who managed to pull out one of the family members out of the burning apartment he also was treated for smoke inhalation. but the grandparents and young girl who neighbors estimate was five years old did not make it out. again the fire investigator's goal is to fire your out how this happened. >> witnesses and combing through the rubble of the resident to try to figure out if they can find out the cause. >> reporter: the fire was mostly contained to that one apartment unit where the family lived. it did have a big impact on a lot of people. dozens of people who lived in the burning building and the
8:33 am
one next door had to be evacuated. the red cross says about 60 people who lived in this apartment complex are now displaced because of smoke and water damage in other units and also because the power has been completely shut off to the two buildings. the red cross said they helped about half of the 60 people displaced to find hotels. back out here live you can see the san jose fire engines pulling out of bridge port court where this apartment fire happened. investigators are still on the scene. they are trying to piece together what may have started this fire in the first place. live in san jose allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments in a recent deadly home invasion. police have named three more men as suspects in the killing of kumra. 21-year-old javier garcia was arrested and booked this week. police also arrested another
8:34 am
man deangelo austin in sacramento last night. a fourth suspect 22-year-old raven dixon was arrested earlier this month. she was charged with being an accessory in a homicide. firefighters across the country are in new york paying their respects to two fallen firefighters. a 62-year-old exconvict set his house on fire on christmas eve and shot a volunteer firefighters responding to the call. he killed two firefighters and wounded two others. a funeral for one of the firefighters will be held today. the other one will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> it's pretty sad. these guys re doing their job. exactly what they are trained to do. it's something that is hard to prepare for. >> the gunman was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police think he may have killed his sister. the woman charged with pushing a man in front of a new york subway train has been ordered to under go psychiatric evaluatiarge of murder.
8:35 am
she told police she pubbed the man on thursday because she hates hindus and muslims and thought the victim was one of those. new this morning a petaluma man is facing -- he was arrested around 1:30 yesterday in the morning square shopping center. san francisco woman accused of a deadly hit and run will be arraigned on charges tomorrow morning. gina is suspected of running into a group of pedestrians earlier this month. the victims tumbled down a hillside and a 56-year-old woman later died at the hospital. she is jailed on $2 million goalball. a fund has been set up for the family of father and son after getting swept away near the golden gate bridge.
8:36 am
37-year-old juan and his nine- year-old son juan carlos was fishing at the head wins when a big wave knocked the boy in the water. the father jumped in to try to save his son but the waves were too big and took them under. his wife told us her husband died a hero. >> i'm very sad we were a family that loved one another. we lived for each other. >> the family wants to bring the bodies to mexico. a fund to help the family with expenses has been set up at wells fargo. this was the second tragedy to hit the family. their home was destroyed by a fire just one week ago. in oakley a nine-year-old by is in critical condition after colliding with a teenager on a dirt bike. it happened yesterday afternoon on a dirt lot. both were being supervised by parents and both were wearing helmets. the nine-year-old suffered head trauma and flown to children's hospital in oakland.
8:37 am
two good samaritans are offering a $1,000 reward to find a perk who robbed a woman and killed her dog. it happened about 5:00 friday night. the woman says she pulled her car over to look for her cell phone when a man approached her. she says he stole her money and became angry because her 12- year-old pekineses was barking in the backseat. >> first thing we heard i'm going to kill your dog. and then he slammed it under this moving car. >> i'm speechless. i would have given him anything. >> the woman did not want to be identified. she did take the dog to the vet but the dogs injuries were too serious. the two men who stopped to help were putting up their own money to try to fan the man. a bomb scare in martinez turned out to be a false alarm. someone reported what looked like a pipe bomb.
8:38 am
the walnut creek bomb squad was called in to remove the device. oakland police are trying to figure out if four bank robberies are linked. authorities say he got away with alabama undisclosed amount of cash. the bank was also robbed onsides 6th, december 10th, and december 21st. investigators are trying to figure out if the same person is responsible for all those robberies. good morning, to you. waking upmostly sunny to mostly cloudy in some areas. mostly cloudy over san francisco where the clouds have managed to float over the area. this will continue to move through. we have mostly sunny skies in store for your afternoon over parts of san jose. seeing a partly sunny skies. inland eastbound areas mostly sunny as well. but w that clearing overnight we saw temperatures really begin to fall and heating in
8:39 am
yesterday was allowed to flee back into the atmosphere. and the calm conditions also aid in that cooling because there is really nothing to steer out that cold air. the cold air really begins to collect at the bottom and sort of stick there. that is where we are finding our coldest temperatures. right in our low lying areas in our inland spots. 40-degrees in oakland. 43sfo. all of us are colder this morning than where we were 24 hours ago. it's inland where it is notably colder. i'm talking 10-15 degrees in some cases. concord, livermore 34-35 for you. 39 calistoga. 33 in napa. novato 32 degrees. along the peninsula it's chilly in some areas. sunnyvale reporting 30s. a look at the pacific satellite we have a couple things i want to show you. this system dropping into novato is bringing a few scattered showers to the sierra. if you are traveling there snow showers will taper off and we'll be tapering off. meanwhile here we are seeing high clouds associated with
8:40 am
this is. high clouds is all we will get for your sunday. few back up a little á, this is the next system that will be approaching the coast just in time for new years eve and new years day. at this point we look to be mainly dry. it will arrive along the coast lean and bring us clouds. ly take you into monday afternoon. notice we do turn mostly cloudy for the afternoon. maybe a spritz. maybe a drizzle. maybe a passing sprinkle. but that is really about it. as we get into the evening hours and clock strikes midnight you are outdoors enjoying the festivities it will be cold but dry for your new years eve as well as new years day. the time stamp there shows 5:00 in the afternoon on new years day and mostly clear skies. for the afternoon today 51 for vallejo. 51 san francisco. low 50s mountain view. san jose we're all in the same boat here. it will be a cool, dry day. as we get into tomorrow morning temperatures cold once again. notice the next several days
8:41 am
will be quite chilly. upper 20s and low 30s. mid 50s expected in the afternoon. next chance for some rain will come wednesday night into thursday. i'll have a look at your lunchtime numbers coming up. raiders season will end today in san diego against the chargers. terrell pryor will make his first nfl start in place of the injured carson palmer. raiders and chargers met in oakland. the chargers winning that one. the raiders have missed the playoffs. the chargers are heading for the off season as well. niners are in the playoffs but today they will find out if they get a first round bye. the niners are hosting the cardinals this afternoon out of the stick. the last time these two teams played each other alex smith. and in ft. niners win and packers lose to the vikings the niners will get that number two seed in the nfc. you can watch that niner game right here. first we have fox pregame show at 9:00. and then you'll see the eagles
8:42 am
and giants. after that the niners and cards. the lengthy relations between the nhl and players may be thawing. so far more than half the regular season has been canceled. the players are studying the league oscillatest offer. z stanford fans getting pretty pumped up. but first here's a live look at interstate 280 in san jose. we're seeing movement along just fine. we're keeping an eye on all the roads. everything is looking good. it's 8:41. this is mornings on 2. v%vóvúvóv
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
good morning to you. a live look over the bay. patchy fog and frost will give way to mostly is upny weather for the afternoon. overnight earthquake rattled parts of northern california. the 3.0 magnitude quake was centered 29 miles south of eurekaen if family members of a missing
8:46 am
california man are in hawaii to continue their search for him. 31-year-old yogi was last seen on december 19th on the big island. his sister and father are in hawaii and will be passing out fliers today. they knew something was wrong when he missed his return flight home last week. friends say he disappeared after giving a woman he met in hawaii a lift. former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care. a spokesman says his condition continues improve. he was hospitalized over a.ago for bronchitis related cough. former british prime minister margaret thatcher has left the hospital. she was admitted last week to have an operation to remove a bladder growth. thatcher is said to be doing well. she was britain's first female prime minister and in fragile health since a serious of
8:47 am
strokes. h1n1 flu has claimed the lives of at least nine people in the west bank and nearly 190 other people have been effected by that virus. the palestinian prime minister has declared a state of emergency calling on all health vectors to be on stand by. the cases were first identified north of the west bank. they gradually made their way south. california is starting to make progress in the infant mortality rate. the rate fell 21% between 2008 and 2010. health officials say the news is encouraging but also point out that african american infants still die more than twice as often as caucasian infants. members of the military will receive a higher housing allowance how's in the new year. the basic housing allowance will rise an average of 3.8%. military officials say that is an increase of $60 for more than one million service
8:48 am
members living off base. california sales tax will be going up in a couple days. voters approved the temporary quarter cent sales tax by passing proposition 30. prop 30 also increased the income tax on those making more than $250,000 a year. it's expected to generate $6 billion a year for schools. 75-watt lightbulbs will start disappear from store shelves in the next year. a federal law requires lightbulbs to be more energy efficient. the bulbs use 75% less energy and have a longer shelf life. >> one of the things that is night about the bulbs that are more energy efficient in many ways they are more versatile and can use them in in more fixtures. >> led lights will cost twice as much. while most of the country reported disappointing holiday sales, a new report says bay area sales were strong.
8:49 am
according to the mercury news several retailers across the bay area says sales were up this holiday season but nation- wide it was a different story. the numbers show this was the weakest holiday sales season since 2008 when a country was in the middle of the recesslast sunday drivers in san francisco can park for free so enjoy it. starting next week all city meters will be enforced from noon until 6:00 p.m. on sunday. the city says paid parking is necessary because commercial districts are just as busy on sundays as they are on saturdays. meters in tourist areas already charge seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.. and new years eve is just one day away and new york city's time square is ready. got to love that confetti testing yesterday. it was tested out ahead of the annual ball drop. more than 100 people will drop
8:50 am
confetti will drop. anticipation is building for both the rose bowl game and the tournament of roses parade. volunteers have been working late to finish decorating the different floats. this years theme oh the places you'll go is inspired by dr. seuss. for the best views parade watchers will begin lining up at noon tomorrow. meanwhile stanford says winning the rose bowl is -- >> every year we have a set up we win the pac 12 championship. i think this one means a little more to us. >> stanford is favored to beat the big ten champions wisconsin badgers. fans at kraft fight hunger bowl were treated to a great game. sun devils were up 21-0 at the end of the first.
8:51 am
the warriors ended the 2012 portion of the season on a high note with a win over the boston celtics. curry got 22 points and nine assists. barnes chipped in 15. ten in the first quarter. the warp yours won their third straight game 101-83. they are off until wednesday when they host the best team in the league the los angeles clippers. france has come up with a way to be more energy efficient in the new year. why they plan to turn off their lights in order to save a whole lot of cash. it's a cold start to the morning i do expect the cold temperatures to finally rebound as we get into the 9:00. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your sunday coming up.
8:52 am
8:53 am
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time now 8:53. let's recap some of the top stories for you. child and two adults died after a fire in their apartment late last night. two other residents went to the hospital to be treated with smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is under investigation. president obama says it is up to congress to find a way back from the so-called fiscal cliff. he reached out to republicans but the refusal to raise taxes on the rich has blocked negotiations. congress will reconvene today with a senate meeting in a little more than an hour from now. a winter storm is dumping more snow on the east coast this morning. it comes days after another storm is being blamed for the
8:55 am
death of 16 people. boston's mayor has declared a snow emergency as some parts of the east coast get ready for up to a foot of new snow. many people don't like the snow others are pretty excited for that snow. sledders in new york took advantage of the snow and turned the park into a winter wonder land. some snow lovers even did a little cross country skiing. several inches have fallen in the area over the past few days. in west oakland a man says it felt like an earthquake when a tree came crashing down. a nearly 30-foot tree came down narrowing missing homes and cars. the tree had been there for at least 60 years. in world news the body of an indian woman who was gang raped on a bus her body has been cremated. india's prime minister was on hand to pay his respect and
8:56 am
offer condolences to her family. six suspects face the death penalty if convicted on murder charges. faulty brakes may have caused the deadly plane crash in russia. the jet was returning from the czech republic. four people died at the scene. and now a fifth person a flight attendant has died at the hospital. investigators have been examing the plane's black boxes. a man, wife, and daughter were all kaled when their plane crashed yesterday. the faa says the four seat plane left montgomery field and headed for phoenix. city of stockton bankruptcy case could soon be resolved. judge has yet to approve it. for the past several months city tores have been trying to prove in court that stockton is indeed bankrupt. the judge is expected to decide on that early next year.
8:57 am
transhas a plan to become -- france has a plan to become more energy efficient in the new year. they want to turn off the rights outside public businesses and offices at night. a zoo in england had a huge baby zoom this year. chester zoo welcomed several babies in 2012. many which are endangered spy shes. the most recent arrival is this baby elephant which was born on november 25th. other arrivals included a baby orangutan and a baby black rhino and a giraffe. >> highlight to me has been the birth of our copy. that has been a number of years of hard work. we hope we can help in the conservation work. >> the birth of the injure giraffe was good news because
8:58 am
there is only 670 left in the wild. let's get a check of the forecast. >> a quiet wintery day in store for your sunday. still in the 30s over participants of north bay. mid 30s inland east bay and a stretch allonge the peninsula -- along the first la. by 10:00 wide spread 40s in the forecast will feel a lot better. partly sunny to mostly sunny clouds. and then for the lunch hour wide spread upper 40s to low 50s expected with again sunshine and light winds. afternoon highs for today like yesterday. 52 san rafael. 53 in oakland. 52 in hayward. 53 expected redwood city. low 50s for livermore. antioch one of the chillier spots 49 degrees expected for your afternoon patchy frost will return tomorrow morning. slipping back in the upper 20s. we will turn mostly cloudy for ewers eve -- for new years
8:59 am
eve. monday night we are in good shape for the fire works. a lot going on in the overnight hours. tuesday looks dry as well. chance for rain will come in wednesday night into thursday. overnight lows quite chilly. afternoon highs in the mid 50s. that is is our report for this morning. thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> join us at 6:00. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. wishing the raiders best of luck. as for the niners win the nfc west.

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